Unity3D packages

Gravity Gun: This is a nice little package I found on the net which is similar to the gravity gun in Half Life.

Gravity Gun

2d Landscape Creator: This little beauty is quite remarkable. Its unfortunate that the developer did not continue with it past ver 1.0. If you want to create a 2d landscape with physics and texture painting, then you need this!!

2d Landscape Creator
User Guide

Terrain Tools: The fastest way to create a fantastic terrain.

Terrain Tools – Click Here

As I find more create packages, I will be adding them here, so come back and visit again soon as you may find something very usefull!


About AK Studio Development

We are a small indie development group from New Zealand. We have been dabbling in iPhone app and game development since 2010 and are continuously learning new tricks. As we learn, we create. We look forward to sharing all our ideas through our current and future apps! AK Studio

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